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Is Reality Television Rotting Your Teen’s Brain?

The scandal, the drama, the live reveals–Americans have become a nation addicted to watching other people live their lives. Turn on the TV and you can flip through the channels to find half a dozen shows about some of the most mundane topics. For a generation growing up on these unrealistic portrayals of life, they are left with the impression that this is life and perhaps what is the norm. Some programs targeted at teens often glamorize partying, drinking, and an unhealthy obsession with body image. The characters on these shows seem to be happy, free, rich, and good looking. Who wouldn’t want that? However, adults with life experience realize these are more like “Unreality Shows.”

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When To Make Your Own ‘Reality Check’

As parents, this type of programming may be new to your generation and it may seem harmless. The saying goes, “Garbage In, Garbage, Out”. If that is the case, what kind of values are these so called reality shows instilling in your child? As the adult you have to set boundaries and let your teen know over-absorption of this kind of value system is not okay.

Parents often hesitate to force expectations on their child, but parenting is your job. It can be as easy as turning the channel or turning off the TV. Also, create other activities as a family and for your child. Why not ask them what they would do if they were being followed around by cameras all day. Would they be interested in volunteer work, sports, baking, etc. Their response may surprise you if you engage in a conversation with them about their interests. Encourage them to make their own life a reality show–but one they are living, not just watching on the couch.

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