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Integrity House RTC Leadership Challenge Camp for Troubled teens

Therapeutic Boarding School for Troubled Teen - Zion Educational Systems

Integrity House RTC offers a short-term Leadership Challenge Camp designed to heal the troubled teen holistically; heal the troubled girl’s academic prowess, heal the struggling teenager’s relationships, as well as to resotre the struggling teen’s immature behavior before things begin to spiral completely out of control. Integrity House RTC offers solutions. Call us today (866) 439-0355. The reason for the Leadershp Camp is to present the least restrictive and most affordable option available to parents with troubled teens.  The goal is to get this rebellion problem licked early, before the issues are irreversible and permenant.  Parents who are struggling with their troubled youth usually have no idea what resources are available to them.  Normally parents go to their trusted friends and family first.  Friends and family can be helpful, and it is the safest place to start. The Integrity House RTC is a highly intensive academic/family restoration and leadership program designed to restore the troubled teen and his/her family in a very short time period. During the 45 to 60 day Challenge Camp the student (girls ages 12-17) is refocused on academic performance, developing emotional maturity (learning to make proactive/prosocial choices), dealing with adversity (taking responsibility for past poor choices), setting and achieving new goals (proactive and sequential planning), and family restoration (submitting to parental authority). “The ZES Leadership Camp is a wake up call for students who are beginning to make poor decisions, struggling with poor self image,  performing poorly in school and at home. The ZES Camp provides immediate redirection and restoration.” Most likely the parent of a troubled teen will find a therapeutic intervention through a local therapist through word of mouth.  Therapy works, but only if the client is motivated to change and will be cooperative.  Rarely are struggling youth willng or motivated to work on the their issues.  Therapy every other week for a year can be very expensive and their are very few positive testimonials of success. Moreover, most rebellious teenagers do not need therapy.  Their issues are grounded in “emotional immaturity”, and there is no therapeutic modality that I’m aware of that deals with emotional immaturity.  At Zion Educational Systems we teach students to be “emotionally intelligent”.  We call emotional intelligence EQ.  EQ is to think before you act, and never make decisions soley on the emotion that is raging and angry.  EQ is taught at the best business schools, fortune 500 executive management training, and the US military leadership programs.  EQ is so much more effective with immature, selfish, self-centered, spoiled/entitled children.  Compared to therapy EQ is very effective. Why waste ten’s of thousands of dollars and a year of heartache through therapy when you can get some immediate relief through ZES’s Leadership Camp?  For more info call the 888 number above or fill out the “Get Help Now” form found in the far left column of this page. 

Our Program offers…

 Relief at home and safety for your child (out of the negative environment)Grade RepairCredit RecoveryLeadership Training, Emotional Intelligence TrainingPersonality Assessment, Human Behavior TrainingIn-depth Psychological AssessmentSubstance Abuse Prevention ProgramParent MentorshipOptional: Bible Class

If you would like to know more about therapeutic boarding school and other residential programs for troubled teens, please contact a family counselor at Zion Educational Systems for guidance.  To get started click the button below!

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