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How to Know Whether Watching UFC Is Making Your Teen More Violent

What Should I Do With My Troubled Teen

Recently, many parents and others have become concerned that violent sports like the UFC are having a negative impact on teens. Because this sport revolves around combat, some groups believe that viewers are both desensitized to this savage behavior and encouraged to act in a similar manner in their personal lives. For many, this concern extends beyond a specific combat sport and encompasses many of the elements that are found in contemporary media. This can be a valid concern as aggressive behavior among teens has been shown to rise in conjunction with exposure to this type of entertainment. This leaves parents with the difficult task of deciding how much to limit their children’s access to television. One of the most important factors when making these decisions is remembering that every individual has a different level of tolerance to these influences and every situation is unique.

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The Terrible Impact Of The Wrong Media

While it can be easy to blame particularly notorious examples of media, like the UFC, for teen’s violence, anger and other problems, the reality is that the entire spectrum of entertainment has embraced more graphic and disturbing content. Because parents will be unable to completely insulate their children from the influence of these television shows, video games, and movies can have, it is important to work to help them establish a strong moral foundation. This can help them avoid the negative consequences of these violent forms of entertainment without having to isolate themselves from popular culture. Ultimately, while many combat sports may be obvious examples of aggressive and irresponsible behavior, parents have much more control over their son or daughter’s behavior than a television program. The example you set with the choices you make will make a much greater impression than any television program. Please remember the importance of this influence and how essential it is to keep your child on the right path when making decisions about the media they consume. 

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