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hurting people

The people who are hurting deeply, hurt others deeply, or at least they attempt to hurt others.  Its true!  Its true for all of us.  I truly believe the people of “” are legitimately hurt and perhaps their claims of being wounded by people that were supposed to love them.  

It seems that perhaps their claims that they are harmed, defective, and ruined forever by their stay in programs 3 decades ago.  I would tend to believe that they are being authentic, truthful, and legitimate as they refer to themselves as being tormented and scarred.  I can’t argue with them, because for 30 years now they have been wondering in the desert, angry, bitter, and they lash out at anyone associated with a boarding school.  

The people from are deeply hurt, and they attack everyone who is closely related to the “type and shadow” of a program or boarding school for troubled teens.”You can’t believe anything writes or posts….” Unfortunately, these hurting and self-defeated people are hurting (striking out at) innocent people.

Heal-online does not know anything about Zion Educational Systems.  They have never visited us, called us, or attempted to find out any valid information about me, ZES, or anyone associated with us.  However, they do fabricate and lie, making up all kinds of false information regarding Zion Educational Systems and other boarding schools like ZES.  But why would they lie about ZES or any other school?  What is their ultimate need or cause?  Do they care about the truth, or are they only interested in hurting people regardless of the truth?  We don’t know.

The truth is that we have asked the people of Heal-online to come and meet us, to visit with the students, and to get to know firsthand. But they have always declined, which is the very reason I am confident that they have no desire to the truth.  Anyone reading a single word from Heal-Online can easily find that Heal-Online has an agenda and that they are extremely intolerant.  Heal-Online is very similar to the Muslim terrorist that are terrorizing the world as they call out Jihad. 

If you would like to know more about therapeutic boarding school and other residential programs for troubled teens, please contact a family counselor at Zion Educational Systems for guidance.  To get started click the button below!

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