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Grief Counseling for Troubled Teens

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Troubled teens 
often need to undergo some sort of grief counseling in order to deal with a variety of difficult situations, such as the loss of a loved one. Adolescents are usually not mature enough to accept something as profound as the death of someone they love, which often can lead to a number of other issues, such as deep depression and substance abuse. At Zion Educational Systems, we represent a number of the most respected schools and programs for troubled teens in the country, most of which offer grief counseling. Please give us a call today to begin searching for the perfect school or program for your son or daughter. You can reach us at 866-471-8579.

Why Troubled Teenage Boys & Girls Need Grief Counseling

Dealing with the death of a loved one is one of the most challenging things for anyone to have to do, especially adolescents. At this age, boys and girls haven’t yet fully developed their rational and logical thinking skills, and often teenagers operate off of their emotions. For those teens that allow their emotions to control their decision-making, dealing with grief is especially difficult. It is critical that these individuals seek out professional help in accepting their difficult situation, as it can often lead to a number of other issues, such as depression or drug and alcohol abuse.

There are a number of different schools and programs available for troubled teens struggling to overcome the loss of a loved one. Most grief counseling focuses on helping the adolescents work through the 5 stages of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. By helping teens understand that these feelings and emotions are normal, they can begin to work through them. The main goal of grief counseling is to reach the 5th stage of grief, acceptance. Once an individual truly accepts whatever is causing their grief, they can begin moving forward with their lives.

ZES: Helping Parents of Grieving Troubled Teens

At Zion Educational Systems, we help parents of troubled teens locate the perfect school or program for their child with our team of child-placement specialists. Every program is different, and offers different benefits, such as grief counseling. Give us a call today to begin your search for the school or program that will help your son or daughter overcome their grief and begin living productive, fulfilling lives. Our number is 866-471-8579.

If you would like to know more about therapeutic boarding school and other residential programs for troubled teens, please contact a family counselor at Zion Educational Systems for guidance.  To get started click the button below!

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