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Goal Setting and Adolescents

It is important to teach adolescents the value of goal setting. Establishing and carrying out practical goals will help them appreciate their efforts. For example, teens are mostly concerned with finishing high school because it’s expected of them by society. However, if you establish why it vital to finish high school with a diploma, then you establish a successful and prioritized future. In order for teens to set goals, they must understand the why.  

Teaching the importance of Goal Setting to Adolescents

Realistic Goals Work Best: Teaching adolescents to set goals can be a difficult task. But after establishing why setting goals is beneficial, they will begin to set their own goals. Full grown adults have the ability to set practical goals because of knowledge and wisdom of what is obtainable and what is not. Teens need guidance to set realistic goals. For example, your teen may have the ambition to get ahead of the curriculum to take on extra courses. The only way this can be accomplished is by helping them set goals to complete their homework first and lay back on media distractions. Teach them that it takes time to change for goals to become an established habit. Making the Goal Stick: Quite frequently, adolescents who set goals easily get bored with them. Help them create goals that they need while enjoy at the same time. Once the mindset of a young person changes into a need to attitude, goals become unstoppable. This can be accomplished by making posters for the bedroom, to remind them of the importance of their goal. Place stickers behind every door in the home, on the backpack, in their school locker. That constant reminder will envelop their subconscious and encourage them to finish what they started. Pleasing Others Does Not Work: Adolescents often think that their goals need to be pleasing to their peers, parents, and educational leaders. This will not only make them quit in the middle, but they create a character in themselves that lives to please others. For example, your teen may over compensate on homework in order to impress their teachers. This is not a healthy mindset for young people to be in. It can be damaging to their mental and physical health. Talk to your teen about what goals and ambitions are important to them. Even if it’s being a famous musician. Take them to community karaoke, or homes for the elderly to perform as a start. When parents take pride and an active part in their child’s goals, they create a bond. Your teen wants nothing more than to be appreciated and accepted for their ambitions. But, they require your approval. Don’t shoot your child’s dreams down because they seem unrealistic. Help their goals become realistic and practical through support and out of the box thinking. Call Zion Educational Systems (866-471-8579) to find out more about helping your adolescent establish goals and reach their dreams. 

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