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Gang Involvement | The Wannabe Syndrome

The most scariest thing a parent can face is to come to terms with their child being involved with a gang, even if the gang is a bunch of suburban teens who are wannabes. Here at Struggling Teens Co we are dedicated to helping parents of troubled youth avoid the downfalls of gang involvement and gang affiliation. Teens that may be in trouble or so called “troubled teens” are the main target for gangs. Latino communities, African American, and Asians all have gang issues for decades, and now gangs have spread into middle class America. Many middle to upper-middle class neighborhoods have been tormented by “Thugs” clamming to be a gang member, or affiliated with gangs from the inner city. Parents all ask “What Do I Do?” “How can I as a parent recognize possible gang involvement or affiliation?” Teens involved in any type of gang or teen violence can be extremely dangerous. Gangs are usually involved in a criminal activity; drug sales, theft, fencing of stolen property, etc… Gang involvement can and will shatter many lives. Everyday you hear stories, maybe from TV news or you read it in the newspapers about how gang violence disrupts lives and leaves a trail of blood. What do gangs do?

  • A gang makes money by carrying out illegal activities. They get most of their money by:
  • dealing illegal drugs
  • forcing people to pay protection money
  • robbing people and stores
  • selling stolen goods
  • trading illegal weapons.

 One of the major things that can greatly increase the chance of your teen becoming involved in teen violence is involvement with gangs. Gangs can account for the majority of the serious violence in the United States, and gangs are not shy about getting teens involved. The numbers recorded throughout the U.S of youth gangs are 24,500, and the number of teens and young adults involved in the gang activity is higher than 772,500. if your teenager is involved with a gang, chances are that he or she is also involved in teen violence. If you suspect any gang involvement and you are in desperate need of help and protection go to your local law enforcement agency, report your statement they will be able to help. Articles:Do Dads Matter?

If you would like to know more about therapeutic boarding school and other residential programs for troubled teens, please contact a family counselor at Zion Educational Systems for guidance.  To get started click the button below!

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