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Being Mediocre versus Extraordinary

Frank is on the board of Troubled Teen Search, a Christian boarding school for troubled teens. Teens come to Zion Educational Systems From all over the country, including California, Georgia, New York, and Texas. Zion Educational Systems is dedicated to helping wayward teens make changes in their lives to be able to reach their full potential.

Do you think Michael Jordan would have been happy just playing at the Baptist Church every Wednesday night, instead of wearing six championship rings with the Chicago Bulls?

Each of the struggling students who doesn’t do a full court press and attempt to follow through with every task they are given is acting below their potential and is walking on thin ice.  Most of these troubled teens can finish early and stay on the path of straight and narrow, if they were to be extraordinary and complete the tasks with 100% stick-to-it-tiveness.  I know this isn’t a word but I cannot think of a better way to describe staying with the projects you start as a student and as a man.

There was a struggling boy who wished to quit school and he also wished to quit his sports teams as well.  But he saw the angst of his friends when he deserted them and decided to stay on the team and follow thru with his studies.  He became the leader of the team and a high scholastic performer.  This is the power of stick-to-it-tiveness.

If you would like to know more about therapeutic boarding school and other residential programs for troubled teens, please contact a family counselor at Zion Educational Systems for guidance.  To get started click the button below!

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