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Therapeutic Boarding Schools for Troubled Teens

Therapeutic boarding schools for troubled teens help boys and girls who are struggling with moderate to severe emotional and behavioral issues.  These therapeutic schools are designed to assist struggling teenagers - helping troubled adolescents to regain control of their lives, restore their academic pursuits, and to return them to their homes, family, and community.  If you are a parent of a troubled child and you are looking for therapeutic boarding schools as your next step, then call and speak with our Family Advocate.  We can help you enroll your child into the best therapeutic boarding school.

Zion Educational Systems can help!  We have helped thousands of families over the years. Troubled boys and troubled girls can find total restoration when enrolled into a structured therapeutic boarding school environment. ZES is an educational consulting firm supporting hurting families. Our Educational Consultants are prepared to coach, guide, and assist you in finding the perfect therapeutic school or program. Call us today and find immediate relief. Please give us a call today at (866) 471-8579.

Catering specfically to struggling teenagers, therapeutic boarding schools offer academic, emotional, physical, and social guidance, in addition to educational enrichment for troubled teens. Therapeutic boarding schools typically serve boys and girls ages 13-17. They offer offer separate programs for boys and girls with opportunities for appropriate co-ed interaction. The best schools have enrollments of 25 to 75 students. 


Program Categories for Parents of Troubled Teens and Young Adults

Assisted Living Programs (Young Adults), Christian Boarding Schools (Teens Co-Ed), Drug Rehab Programs (Teens Co-Ed), Drug Rehab Programs (Young Adults), Group Homes (Teens Co-Ed), Independent Living Programs (Young Adults), Residential Treatment Centers (Teens Co-Ed), Residential Treatment Programs (Boys Only), Residential Treatment Programs (Girls Only), Sober Living Programs (Young Adults), Substance Abuse Treatment Centers (Teens Co-Ed), Transitional Living Programs (Young Adults), Wilderness Therapy Programs (Teens Co-Ed), Youth Boot Camps (Teens Co-Ed)

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