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Independent Living Programs For Young Adults

Independent living programs for young adults that offer an excellent therapeutic approach for the treatment of struggling young men or young woman are in great demand.  The definition of a struggling young adult is either male or female, and is failing to emerge out of adolescence. For whatever reason, and there are many, he or she is not able to make it on their own.  The best independent living programs for troubled young adults help their clients succeed by supporting their growth in academics, employment, and basic living.  In addition, the top programs offer therapy and therapeutic intervention (i.e., substance abuse counseling or addictions therapy - sober living support).  For more information about the top independent living programs call and speak to a ZES Educational Counsultant.  Our job is to help you find the perfect solution and start the healing process today.  Call (866) 471-8579.

ZES represents some of the best independent living programs in the US.  We only work with the best programs.  The top independent living programs provide cutting edge therapeutic support designed specifically for today's struggling young adults. The issues that young adults face today are very unique, and therefore the therapeutic support and training needs to address the unique issues of this generation. The best programs provide intensive individualized and group therapy, independent living skills training, academic support (college or university level), vocational training (leading to employment), and substance abuse or addictions counseling. Zion Educational Consultants help parents of young adults find help. Call us today and we can match your adult son or daughter with the perfect solution. Contact us at (866) 471-8579.

Independent living programs are specifically designed to help young adults (age 18 – 28) who have failed to launch. Meaning, they struggling to deal with life on life's terms; unmotivated, depressed, anxious, or dealing with issues related to substance abuse. Moreover, many young adults are not emotionally mature enough to live life on their own. Sometimes they need extra coaching, guidance, and support outside the family to make their transition to independence and adulthood. The next step for struggling young adults is very difficult.  If your young adult is shutdown and unable to move forward, call and speak with a ZES Educational Consultant.  Sometimes it takes a new place, with new influences, good coaching, and miracles can happen.  Don't give up!  ZES has helped hundreds of families and we hope to work with you.


Program Categories for Parents of Troubled Teens and Young Adults

Assisted Living Programs (Young Adults), Christian Boarding Schools (Teens Co-Ed), Drug Rehab Programs (Teens Co-Ed), Drug Rehab Programs (Young Adults), Group Homes (Teens Co-Ed), Residential Treatment Centers (Teens Co-Ed), Residential Treatment Programs (Boys Only), Residential Treatment Programs (Girls Only), Sober Living Programs (Young Adults), Substance Abuse Treatment Centers (Teens Co-Ed), Transitional Living Programs (Young Adults), Wilderness Therapy Programs (Teens Co-Ed), Youth Boot Camps (Teens Co-Ed)

Addiction in young adults
Drug addiction and substance abuse can make recovery a major difficulty for young adults.
Recovery for Young Adults | At the Crossroads
Help for struggling young adults, young men and young women, is more plentiful than ever before.
Following the Rules in General
Why should you continue following the rules, consequences.
Four Pathways To Recovery | At The Crossroads
At the Crossroads is a transitional living program fo young adults who are struggling. It is a system geared to teach independent skills to young adult. Call 866-471-8579 for more information.
Keeps Teens Out of Trouble Over the Summer
Call 866-471-8579 to learn more about how to keep teens out of trouble over the summer.
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Life Coaching and How it Helps Troubled Young Adult Males
Life Coaching Young Adult Males is an effective way to help troubled young men get their lives back on track
Military Schools For Troubled Teens
Military schools can help troubled teens, call ZES today.
Parents at their Wits End | At the Crossroads
Yes, your young adult is making bad choices.Yes, your teen is failing.Yes, your young adult is experimenting with drugs.Yes, your young adult is hanging out with less than desirable kids.
Struggling Young Adults Programs
We can help you find Struggling Young Adults Programs.
Articles for Families with Troubled Teenage Boys and Girls
Resources for Parents and Families of troubled teen boys and girls who need assistance with everyday issues encountered raising teens.
Assisted Living Programs for Young Adults
Assisted Living Programs for Young Adults Assisted living programs for troubled young adults are designed for 18-28 year olds needing a safe, supportive environ
At The Crossroads - Young Adults Transitional Living Program
At The Crossroads is a transitional living program for struggling young adults who are having difficulty transitioning out of the teen years and into adulthood. For more information call 866-471-8579.
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