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Troubled girls

The term troubled girls refers to adolescent females who struggle with therapeutic, emotional or behavioral disorders. Troubled girls often struggle with issues such as, problems in school, have little to no respect towards authority, or struggle with unhealthy addictions.

Parents of troubled girls need to understand the potential dangers that may arise in the lives of a troubled teenage girl. Adeloscent girls who show signs of being troubled, or suffer from emotionally or behavioral disorders are at high risk. Drug abuse, sexual acting out and other problematic behavior will run rampant and out of control if unchecked or ignored. Teenage girls who do not receive adequate or necessary treatment are likely to carry this type of mindset and behavior with them well into adulthood.

There is a plethora of options for parents of troubled girls to seek help from in terms of treatment. These therapeutic options include, therapeutic boarding schools, residential treatment programs, residential ranch therapy programs and group homes for troubled teens.

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