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Therapy is a treatment intended to relieve or heal a disorder or disease. Therapy generally consists of two kinds: medical and psychotherapy. Medical therapies treat diseases of the human body such as cancer. Psychotherapies treat the mind of therapeutically or emotionally damaged individuals.

Different Types of Psychotherapy:

– Psychoanalytic Therapy
– Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy
Group Therapy
– Behavior modification
– Biofeedback
– Collaborative therapy
– Family therapy
– Marriage counseling
– Music therapy
– Parent management training
– Relationship counseling
– Social Therapy
– Systemic therapy
– Therapeutic community
– Twelve-step programs
Wilderness therapy

Therapy for troubled teens has become an increasingly popular opportunity for troubled adolescents today. Therapies are offered at many services for troubled teens such as, wilderness therapy programs, residential treatment programs and boarding schools for troubled youth. The most effective type of therapy greatly depends on the individual teen and what psychological and emotional issues the particular adolescent struggles with.

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