Mood Disorders

Mood disorders

/mood/ /dis·or·der/

n. Noun

A temporary state of mind, emotion or feeling involved with the disruption of normal, physical or mental functions: a disease or abnormal condition.

Mood disorders are the disturbances in a person’s mood. Commonly included are symptoms such as a decreased or loss of interest in almost all activities, a loss of self-confidence including the feeling of worthlessness, experience alternating emotions and tendencies.

There is a lot of misunderstandings concerned with mood disorders, however, are likely the cause of a chemical imbalance in the brain known as neurotransmitters. Mood disorders can occur in anyone at any age, but usually the cause of mood disorders can be related to a medical condition, from substance abuse, through life events or other causes.

Mood disorders can occur in anyone at any age. They may seem uncontrollable but can be helped and sometimes controlled through the involved meant with treatment centers.