Independent Living Programs

/in·de·pen·dent/ /liv·ing/ /pro·grams/

Independent living programs are therapeutic facilities that cater to you adults, ages 17-28, who have struggled to adapt to an adult lifestyle. Young adults who have a lack of living skills, have some type of mental or therapeutic illness, and/or struggle with unhealthy addictions can find the treatment and care that they need at an independent living program.

Young adults are taught invaluable life lessons while enrolled at an independent living program. Real life situations such as, paying bills, finding employment and other life skills are all taught at an independent living program.

Independent living programs are readily available all across the country. Similar to residential and transitional living programs, independent living programs tend to operate under a home-like model. This helps therapeutic staff prepare young men and women for the real world by simulating real life situations in a controlled, fully staffed environment.