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Assisted Living Programs for Young Adults

assisted-living-independent-living-programAssisted living programs for troubled young adults are for 18-28-year-olds who may be in need of a safe and supportive environment while they transition into adulthood. This type of independent living can be a great source of learning and maturation for your loved one. Assisted living facilities have a purpose of serving young adults with a range of various issues. Whether your loved one is living with mental illness, a mental deficiency, dealing with substance abuse or has some physical limitation, you will want to find the right transitional living facility for your child.

Zion Educational Systems (ZES) is here for the sole purpose of helping families find residential treatment centers, assisted living facilities for young adults and transitional living services. Although there are many available, they will in turn require a lot of research, from a decision-maker, to make sure there is a good match between the program's services and the individual's needs. You will not likely find "assistive living" like what you think of for older adults, but rather residential treatment centers, independent living, and transitional living. These excellent facilities are usually privately owned organizations and you may be covered by your health insurance upon qualification.

We can help! Call one of our family advocates at 866-471-8579.

assisted-living-independent-living-program-therapistIndependent Living For Teens

The top assisted living programs that exist for struggling young adults provide excellent opportunities for families to heal and be restored. There are many diverse reasons why a young adult may need an assisted living program, but the goal is independence, confidence, and stability. ZES receives hundreds of phone calls every week from parents of troubled young adults, and we want you to know that you are not alone, and we can help.

If you are a parent of a struggling young adult, and in need of help finding a transitional living program, call us today. One of the best values that assisted living program can provide is the teaching of "coping skills." When struggling young adults have solid coping skills many things begin to take care of themselves. We can assess your situation and consult on the best possible therapeutic placement. Stop the pain and anguish and get help today.

Assisted Living For Young Adults With Disabilities

assisted-living-independent-living-program-trainingIf you are in need of an assisted living home for someone who may be suffering from Asperger's, Autism Disorder, or some other form of mental illness, ZES can help. There are schools and programs specifically geared for the purpose of helping young adults with a disability. Whether it be severe or mild, occupational skills and living assistance is out there to help you. Please feel free to contact our expert family advocates who are standing by to aid you with the proper information regarding enrollment, tuition, or academics. We have helped many parents in the past.

Call 866-471-8579 today.

For help finding travel deals when visiting your child in treatment, click here.


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Mood swings are defined as vacillations between euphoria and depression. Those of us who live with teens know that this describes the scenario. For more information call 866-471-8579.
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Help for Teens Who Use Abuse Drugs & Alcohol
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Helping teens who are struggling from stress disorders
Helping teens who are struggling from stress disorders is very important for the healing process.
Homes give troubled teens chance to turn lives around
Homes give troubled teens chance to turn lives around for the better. Please call 866-471-8579
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