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Signs of Drug Use in Teens and Tweens: Finding Help at Red Rock Canyon School

There are many signs of drug use in Teens and Tweens that a parent should watch for and Red Rock Canyon School can help in finding these signs.  To be sure, have it done professionally by a local lab that processes tests for businesses.  If your instincts were right, do not wait until the problem degenerates and act immediately. Red Rock Canyon School can help your teens, by addressing the issues that causes them self medicate via substance abuse. For more information on Red Rock Canyon School can help please do not hesitate to contact them at 1-866-452-8121.  
Signs of Drug Use in Teens and Tweens
  • Masking – you notice that they are consuming mega doses of vitamins, teas and herbs in attempt to mask drug use.
  • Increased lying – not just once or twice, but chronic dishonesty, especially if lying is new for your teen.
  • Breakdown in normal habits – drastic changes in sleep, appetite, the ability to complete schoolwork, loss of interest in things they once loved, extreme forgetfulness, and marked decrease in hygiene.
  • An unusual odor on clothes or in the room — frequent use of incense or deodorizers to mask the smell, frequent use of eye drops (to alleviate bloodshot eyes), extended periods locked alone in their room or the bathroom, frequent use of the garage or shed or other vacant buildings.
  • Change in friends – your teen exchanges healthy friendships for fierce loyalty to questionable people you don’t even know. They may even run away, or disappear with their new friends for long stretches of time.
  • Stealing or sudden wealth — shoplifting, credit card abuse, valuables disappearing from the home without explanation. Or, you may see unexplained money, jewelry, new clothes, or new gadgets from the selling of drugs (even from selling your prescriptions).
  • Change in schedule – up all night, or up very late at night, sleeps for days, misses work, misses appointments, wants to be on the phone late at night or regularly wants to stay overnight at a friend’s house or out camping.
  • Aggression, anger, mood swings, disrespect, and blaming – to an unreasonable degree, and directed against you and your family or other authorities.
  • Drug paraphernalia — pincers or paper clips for smoking, empty or disassembled pen cases for snorting, empty aerosol cans, burnt spoons, homemade pot pipes, steel wool, hypodermic needle parts, unknown prescription bottles, empty liquid cold remedy bottles, cold remedy blister packs, missing glues or solvents, or knives and spoons used for crushing and sniffing pills repeatedly show up in their room.
  • Dropping grades– lack of care for school, sports or other healthy pursuits.  
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