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Seeking Help for Your Rebellious Teenager | Wingate Wilderness Therapy


As soon as you notice signs that your struggling teen or young adult is troubled you need to be proactive. Perhaps consider wilderness programs for  troubled teens or young adutls  way before you believe the wilderness programs is actually necessary. That’s because an early start shows your troubled teens or young adults you aren’t going to sit back and let them abuse drugs, alcohol, or do other things you don’t approve of. Being proactive could reduce the intensity and length of your teens or young adults problems.

We recommend a wilderness program called Wingate and WayPoints. WinGate and WayPoints are the premier wilderness therapy programs for troubled teens and young adults, which offer hope and healing. WinGate is designed for troubled teens, and WayPoints serves young adults - two distinctly separate wilderness programs addressing the needs of two very different age groups.

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