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Zion Educational Systems

Resources for Parents of Troubled Teens


Parents of troubled teens often state that they feel all alone.  We are here to help parents of troubled teens. In your search of resources to help your troubled child, start here. Research shows that today there are 12 million troubled teens in the US that display moderate to severe developmental and behavioral problems. This does not include the troubled teens that use or abuse drugs and alcohol. Give us a call today at 866-471-8579.

Parents recognize signs and symptoms of "troubled" in their child, but many and do not know what steps to take or how to respond effectively. There are so many options, but many of the traditional approaches do not work.  But why?  The main reason is that therapy only works for those who admit that they have a problem, and desire help.

Zion Educational Systems is an educational consultant resource for parents of troubled teens in crisis. Your situation is unique the the decisions you make should be based on your troubled teens specific needs and behavior issues. We are here to help by providing plentiful resources from every area.

Consider Zion Educational Systems as an educational consultation option that really works.  We are here because your troubled teen is in crisis, and you need help to navigate through all the options and select the most appropriate solution.

It's normal for teenagers to want to feel independent. But it's not normal for them to act out in dangerous extremes. If your teenager is creating self-destructive situations, you can't afford to wait. Please call us today at 866-471-8579.

For more information and help with your child, select one of the followng resources:

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We Recommend Parents Follow These Steps

  • Identify the Cause - Do your homework
  • Look Back (follow the path that got you here)
  • Listen (don't lecture)
  • Act Like a Parent (do not be their "friend")
  • Make appropriate choices for therapeutic intervention
  • Get Professional Help

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