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Questions to Ask - FAQ'S | Zion Educational Systems

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At Zion Educational Systems, we care about offering superb clinical programs that provide the best possible results for our students.  If you are a parent and think you have exhausted intervention alternatives for your troubled teen, you may be considering a private boarding school program.  
Exploring residential treatment centers, therapeutic boarding schools and other services can be overwhelming during times of distress. Below are some of the most common questions for parents to ask  who are researching types of treatment for issues, disorders and behaviors of troubled teens today.

Some of the Most Frequently Asked Questions from Parents

    Where is the program located?
    What types of students is the program prepared to serve?
    How much will tuition cost?
    Does the school provide financing options?
    Is the program accredited?
    Will my child be working with qualified and licensed professionals?
    How long will my child need to stay at the facility?
    What types of therapeutic services will my child receive?
    How will the program meet my child’s academic needs?
    What is a typical day like for facility students?
    How can I learn more about my options?
Many times students admitted to our schools are not happy to be here and may be brought by escort.  Parents place students directly or with assistance from clinical professionals, educational consultants, or school districts.  Our objective is to return our students to their families with the developed skills and attitudes that give them the abilities to succeed.  After all, we share the common goal of wanting your child to succeed for the sake of your family and your child’s future.
We understand your feelings of worry, loss of control and uncertainty for the future.  Our highly qualified program staff have been trained how to help you through this difficult time. We hope to be of assistance and support to you throughout the therapeutic process.  If you have more questions or do not see the answer to your question, call Zion Educational Systems today at 866-471-8579 or complete the Get Help Now form on this page and someone will contact you very soon.  We look forward to discussing the many ways that we can help your struggling child.

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