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Zion Educational Systems

Blog for Parents of Troubled Teens & Young Adults

Therapeutic Boarding Schools can be a parent's best resource when dealing with a troubled teen.  This blog is all about serving parents of troubled teenage boys and girls and connecting them with educational consultants, child placing specialist, therapists specializing in the treatment of adolescents (troubled teens).  Therapeutic Boarding Schools are not usually the first place for parents to come to and find answers to specific issues.  By searching this blog which is mainly a resource which studies topics that concern today's parent and where parents can post their experience, share what they have learned, post reviews about programs and schools for troubled teens, and to share their hearts with other parents of troubled teens.  This site is dedicated to parents of troubled teens; providing ideas, solutions, and answers.  
This blog is also for programs, therapeutic boarding schools, therapeutic practitioners, and others who wish to promote their therapeutic services.  Its a place where parents, practitioners, and profession behavioral health service providers can meet and share, becoming the one place where everyone can contribute for the purpose of advocating for families and children.  This blog is the place of hope, understanding, and wisdom shared.
Please feel free to post your own message about therapeutic boarding schools... you never know who you might touch, and you might never meet those you might serve.  So, take a chance, step out of your comfort zone, and offer your voice (voice of experience and wisdom through trial and pain).  Take the chance that might just be the difference maker for one, ten, or hundreds of other parents.  Write all you want, post everyday if you wish.  But whatever you do, do it with all of your heart.
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