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Articles for Families with Troubled Teenage Boys and Girls


Parents of troubled teens write articles and blog posts on the Internet through a vast array of article and blog directories.  We support parents who risk embarrassment for the purpose of sharing their experience.  Parents of troubled teens are equipped to serve other parents with troubled teens.

Professional help is great, but peer help can be more meaningful.  We are dedicated to teaching, instructing, guiding, mentoring, and coaching, both parents and troubled teens. We allow parents of troubled teens to post their experience of hope. These parents have been trained throught trial and error, gaining Emotional Intelligence, learning Human Behavior, and utilizing Choice Theory.
Because parents of troubled teens are so highly trained through their experience they have become beacons of hope for other hurting parents. Parents who share their experience have taken their personal time to write articles that are designed to help struggling parents of troubled youth. We appaud them.
Our job and calling is one that is honor parents who have endured the "troubled teen" and to assist them in sharing their experience.  We value their insight and life triumphs. These parents are "professional parents", having tremendous wisdom and conviction, dedicated to all kids and families, and advocates to the hurting parents.  Most importantly they are people who are willing to be there and be a great life coach and leader to struggling parents.
The section of the website lists a series of articles that were written specifically for Parents, Teens, Young Adults, Education Consultants, Schools and Programs.  We include this resource directory for you to have all the information as a parent, teen or family advocate that you need to help deal with issues pertaining to  troubled teenage boys and girls.  
These articles are useful not just for placing your family members in boarding schools, programs for troubled teens and young adults, boot camps and other facilities that deal with struggling teens and young adults but also to help you with every day problems and issues that arise.


Main Articles for Parents and Families of Troubled Teens

Articles and Blogs from Parents of Troubled Teens

Articles: Struggling Christian Teens | Boys & Girls

Essays From Troubled Teens | Helping Parents Understand

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