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Alcohol Abuse and Teenage Boys and Girls


Teenage boys and girls involved in alcohol abuse are more likely to become defiant and

careless. These actions cause problems in your teens health from the inability to function correctly at school at home, to a possible death. Alcohol abuse also can effect the lives of family members by causing distance and the inability to communicate. Either way you look at it, underage drinking is not useful and can cause severe damage in all aspects of life.

Risks of Alcohol Abuse in Teenage Boys and Girls

Accidents: Alcohol related car crashes are more common today in teenagers. Teenage boys and girls who frequently drink alcohol are more likely to commit suicide, drown, or commit illegal acts. Young people tend to binge drink without realizing the consequences. This could potentially cause them to become dependent on alcohol in their later years. Possibly causing more accidents and potential criminal behavior.

Brain Damage: Although they may think so, teenagers' brains have not fully developed yet. Alcohol abuse will cause severe brain damage and possible neurological disorders such as epilepsy. Underage drinking will kill brain cells and cause dysfunction in the cerebral cortex. When this happens it causes the brain balance to shut down. This can lead to depression, feelings of suicide, lack of motivation, laziness, and dependency.

Promiscuity: Teens under the influence are more likely to participate in sexual activities causing unexpected pregnancies, STD's, etc. Also, it is important to communicate to your child the possibility of becoming a victim. This may include seduction, rape, voyeurism, and aggravated assault. Studies show that nearly 75% of teen pregnancies are conceived under the influence. Nearly 15% of those pregnancies occurred during an attack.

How to Keep Your Teenagers Alcohol Free

Like most task when confronting your child, it is easier said than done. Some teens will quickly respond to this information and change their behavior immediately or at least moderate it. Most, however, will not understand the consequences and may need professional help to overcome the addiction. It is never to late to help your teenage boy or girl in need. Representatives at Zion Educational Systems (866-471-8579) are anxiously waiting to help you find a solution for your troubled teen.

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