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Addiction Does Not Play Any Favorites

It is no secret that addiction does not play favorites among troubled teens.  Meaning, whether you are a troubled teen, young adult, boy or girl, drug or alcohol addiction is rampant and does not discriminate based on age or gender.  All people who abuse drugs are flirting with the prospect of becoming addicted. Age and gender does not matter when it comes to drug and alcohol addiction and troubled teens.
OxyContin, a powerful prescription drug, is one of the leading prescription addictions facing our society today, with addicts coming from all ages groups and walks of life. It has also become a major focus for addiction services and for police.

Why Addiction Does Not Play any Favorites

Many teenagers can bravely congeur the withdrawal period but this is no the end of the oxy addiction period. Detox is the first step. It gets the drug out of his system. The next step is treatment, which will help him break the cycle of his dependence. Unfortunately, the truth is that waiting lists are long. Addicts often wait months between detox and treatment. That's one of the reasons relapse is not unusual.
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