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Zion Educational Systems

Logan Mazzettia - Staff Writer

Logan Mazzettia - Author - About ZES

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Logan Mazzettia is an avid sports fan, dedicated blogger and family resources content writer. Logan is an SEO specialist that has been working for Zyndio, Inc. for two years. Logan also has more than five years of experience in the teens' behavioral health industry, three years as a pee-wee/high school football coach and one year as a personal trainer.

Before working for Zyndio, Logan worked for a web design company selling websites over the phone. After building many websites, only to have their owners fail because of a lack of knowledge on how to generate traffic, Logan realized the importance of marketing a website and striving to climb the ranks of search engines. After seeing this firsthand, he would stop at nothing to enter the internet marketing industry, even though he was raw and uneducated in the industry. Through hard work, dedication and excellent teaching from his superiors, Logan quickly learn the "ins and outs" of internet marketing and became a manager at Zyndio, Inc. where he currently works.

In Logan's free time, he enjoys writing on and developing a personal blog and watching the San Francisco 49ers play on Sundays, adding on to his current streak of five years without missing a single game. Logan has a big family with two brothers and four sisters, resulting in seven nieces and four nephews. He loves family get-togethers and hanging out with his longtime group of friends.

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