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Zion Educational Systems

Eric Yunker

Eric Yunker - Author - About ZES

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Eric Yunker is the proud father of a beautiful girl, a loving husband, and aspiring content and web developer. Eric has always had an interest in modern technology and how it can help people. He joined the team at Zyndio in 2011 as a web developer, but also shared his resources and knowledge by helping develop some of the best articles for parents and families of troubled teens.

Eric has helped develop websites, databases, and directories to help parents of troubled teens. His contributions have helped to change an industry that had little or no information a decade ago, to becoming an industry with thousands of resources for families in need.

When Eric is offline, he spends as much time with his family as he can, enjoying the outdoors, taking road trips, and showing the world to his daughter. He hopes to bring the joy he shares with his family to the thousands of families in crisis around the country.

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