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Zion Educational Systems

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About Zion Educational Systems

At Zion Educational Systems (ZES) we focus on serving parents of troubled teens and young adults. ZES is a powerful resource for parents of troubled teens. Our professional staff are experts in the field of behavioral health. Over the years we have helped throusands of families. By helping your troubled teen, our goal is to help them reach their true potential in life. Our goal is to help troubled teenagers resolve their behavioral and emotional issues.

The mission of ZES is to undue the damage caused by addiction, substance abuse, and poor decision making (academic issues, poor peer choices, sexual activity, etc.). Based on knowledge we have obtained from years of training and experience we can help parents of troubled teens.   We've personally been where you are, and we know what to do to help your family.
Our professional staff have built relationships with hundreds of therapeutic programs and services. Our website is an incredible resource for parents. Through our articles and blogs, our staff are able to support you by sharing valued resources. If your family is in crisis and needs immediate help, our Family Advocates are available anytime at 866-471-8579.

Zion Educational Systems Authors

Craig Rogers - ZES AuthorCraig Rogers

ZES Author

A leader in the behavioral health industry for over 20 years, Craig Rogers is a leading author, having written and published over 2,000 articles related to the "effective treatment of troubled teens." As a parent coach and substance abuse counselor, Craig has served over 5,000 teens and their families... Read more

Logan Mazzettia - ZES AuthorLogan Mazzetia

ZES Author

Logan Mazzettia is an avid sports fan, dedicated blogger and family resources content writer. Logan is an SEO specialist that has been working for Zyndio, Inc. for two years. Logan also has more than five years of experience in the teens' behavioral health industry, three years as a pee-wee/high school football coach and one year as a personal trainer... Read more

Frank Samuelson - ZES ContributorFrank Samuelson

ZES Contributor

Frank Samuelson is a dedicated blogger for parents and website developer with Zyndio, Inc. Frank has been working in the SEO industry for over ten years and has specialized in the behavioral health industry since 2008. He graduated from the University of Pennsylvania Wharton School of Business in 1989 with a Masters degree and has a Bachelors degree in Computer Science from the University of Michigan. Before working in the behavioral health industry, Frank worked for Novell as a Software developer... Read more

Curtis Reed - ZES AuthorCurtis Reed

ZES Author

Curtis Reed is the proud father of four incredible kids and is married to the love of his life. He works everyday with an amazing team and staff, focused on helping teens in crisis and their families find hope and healing. He's influenced by those who do extraordinary things, develop concepts that push the envelope and the beauty of this terrestrial world people live in. Having worked with teens and families for years, he has seen the change that can come to families who seek the help they need.... Read more

Eric Yunker - Staff WriterEric Yunker

ZES Author

Eric Yunker is the father of a beautiful girl, a loving husband, and aspiring content and web developer. Eric has always had an interest in modern technology and how it can help people. He joined the team at Zyndio in 2011 as a web developer, but also shares his resources and knowledge by helping develop some of the best articles for parents and families of troubled teens... Read more

Dustin Garr - Staff WriterDustin Garr

ZES Author

Born and raised in Northern Utah, Dustin Garr has grown up exploring and enjoying the beautiful outdoors that Utah has to offer. Now with five beautiful children and a loving wife, he shares his passion for outdoors recreation with his family. He works with Zyndio, Inc. and its various troubled youth websites to research, write, and share the best content for parents and families of troubled youth. Growing up in a small town, Dustin became familiar with the troubles that can face any teenager... Read more

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