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Finding Substance Abuse Counselors for Troubled Teenage Boys and Teen Girls

In every city in america parents can find a local substance abuse counselor for troubled teens. The best substance abuse counselors are usually associated or employed by drug rehab programs. Our recommendation is that you start your search for help by searching Google for "local substance abuse counselors in (add your city here)".

There are tons of professional (certified or licensed) substance abuse counselors in every State. But you need to find a counselor that best fits your child's specific needs. Parents who are desperate to find immediate help sometimes connect with the wrong substance abuse counselor or wrong rehab program. In this case the immediate step to find help cause more harm than good.

Finding the right substance abuse counselor takes considerable time, research, and "referrals", all of which may be in short supply when your troubled teen is spinning out of control. When parents feel as though they’ve reached a point of desperation they make bad choices when it comes to professional therapeutic intervention. We recommend that you do your homework and seek guidance from professional family advocates.

Well-meaning parents sometimes make mistakes in their efforts to find substance abuse counseling for their struggling teens. The most common mistakes include; picking a substance abuse counselor or drug rehab impulsively, without doing the research; selecting a service that is not designed to meet your teen’s unique circumstances; selecting a program whose methods are not grounded in sound therapeutic methods; and selecting a program or service primarily because it is close to home.

By all means, parents should not use popular Internet search engines as their primary information source. Internet websites about counselors and programs can provide useful information. Some websites are sponsored by ligament recruitment agencies and programs that are more concerned about families and children and operate by ethical standards.

Parents who are not familiar with the full range of available options should find competent, knowledgeable professionals who specialize in matching struggling teens with programs and schools. Skillful social workers and counselors may be familiar with local resources.

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