Cedar Ridge Academy Intensifies Therapeutic Programming
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Cedar Ridge Academy - Therapeutic Boarding Schools for Troubled Boys and Struggling Girls


Cedar Ridge Academy of Roosevelt, Utah, a therapeutic boarding schools for troubled teens (both boys and girls) intensifies their therapeutic programming.  According to Rob and Wes Nielsen (father and son) Cedar Ridge Academy has shortened the duration of the program but is not leaving out a single component.  Rob Nielsen states, "we have shortened the duration of the program from 12 to 15 months down to 9 to 12 months.  We have also added a boarding school element to our program for early intervention students." Cedar Ridge Academy has been effectively providing treatment and educational excellence for 16 years, serving thousands of troubled teens and their families. 

According the the Nielsen's Cedar Ridge has improved their therapeutic approach over the last few years and the outstanding results have allowed a shortening of the over all program length.  Because Cedar Ridge primarily serves teens who are "early in rebellion" they are able to rebound, recovery, and restore much quicker.  The good news is, due to the shorter duration of the program, the overall cost is greatly reduced.

"Here at Cedar Ridge, the focus is on emotional and academic recovery, involving structure and supervision for your troubled teenager's physical, emotional, behavioral , family, social, intellectual and academic development. Our goal is to move students through the program in approximately nine months, calculated from the time the student engages and begins to work. The specific length of stay for youth who enroll depends on therapeutic factors and the goals set by themselves and their families. We encourage families of our youths to support their troubled teenager in their program and high school graduation efforts to enable their son or daughter the greatest chance of a quality lifestyle after treatment.Rob Nielsen

For more information about Cedar Ridge Academy go to www.cedaridge.net, or call 866-471-6629.

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