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The New Drugs of Choice by Troubled Teens


Help for Troubled Teens Using DrugsThe new drugs of choice by today's troubled teens are prescription pain killers and heroin. Substance abuse treatment centers provides inpatient and outpatient substance abuse counseling and treatment services to troubled teens. The top substance abuse treatment programs are staffed by dedicated and professional drug and alcohol counselors.  But which program is best for you and your struggling child?  Call us, and let us help you find the perfect match in programs.

Over the years, drugs of choice have changed and substance abuse issues have become more complex. Twenty years ago the drugs of choice with troubled teens were marijuana, alcohol and inhalants. Today is totally different. Troubled teens today are illicit drugs ranging from illegally obtained prescription pain relievers to synthetics, like K-2, and heroin.

Marijuana and alcohol are continue to be abused by teenagers. But the comeback of heroin is the most frightening to parents. Heroin is slowly replacing prescription level pain killers. 

Another issue of alarming consequence is declining access to treatment due to increasing difficulty in obtaining approval from health insurance, managed care and Medicaid.

Addiction strikes teenagers and families of all economic classes. The addiction disease is not reserved for rich or poor, but can strike harder among the economic struggling classes.

Among the keys to success is parental support throughout the treatment process. Successful parents have courageously hung in there with their addicted kids through school problems, disrespect, legal problems and treatment issues. They have continued to love and support their kids while allowing them to experience discomfort and the legal consequences of their actions.

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