Why Elevations RTC is the Perfect Help for Your Struggling Teen

Why Elevations RTC is the Perfect Help for Your Struggling Teen

Elevations residential Treatment Center is located in the hills of northern Utah, a beautiful background to the wholesome care and complete recovery that happens within this excellent program.

Elevations is a co-ed residential treatment center that provides high-quality academics along with comprehensive and successful therapy. Elevations works exclusively with adolescents ages 13-17, and assists them in not only the therapy that they need, but teaches them life skills, self-confidence, and empathy. On top of it all, Elevations is a high-ranking private school, offering an education that helps each teen at their level and encourages them to excel in ways they’d never thought possible before. The educational aspect of this program is something that many treatment centers all over the country do not offer.

When parents first start investigating Elevations, they might wonder if a co-ed program is right for their child if their son or daughter has had issues with the opposite sex in the past. Elevations understands this concern and addresses it: At no time are the boys and girls allowed to be alone together. In fact, all students are within eyesight on a 24/7 basis. But with this, Elevations recognizes that it is impossible for any student to completely avoid the opposite sex in the real world; rather, the student needs to learn how to behave appropriately with them. The co-ed opportunities at Elevations are what will teach the students this, and guide them through acceptable interactions.

Licensed by the Utah Department of Human Services and the Joint Commission, Elevations is a secure and safe haven for your struggling teenager. Each staff member, teacher, and therapist are not only highly qualified, but made certain of: that is, each one goes through an extensive background check and receives the proper training to work with your teenager. No staff is left alone with any student, and constant monitoring of every class and situation helps us to keep our school a safe environment for your child.

If high-quality academics, creative therapy, and unique life experiences sound right for your child, call Elevations today at (855) 290-9681. They will work closely with your entire family through this process to make the most of your teen’s recovery, and to ensure a happy, productive return when they have completed the program. Our staff will assist you in exploring the options for Elevations and to see how we can best help you.