The Millennials and LGBT- A Different Perspective

The Millennials and LGBT- A Different Perspective
The Millennials and LGBT- A Different Perspective


The Millennials have a perspective on the LGBT community that so many of the earlier generations never did.

The historic Supreme Court ruling over Marriage Equality this month affected not only an entire country, but generations of people after us. Will there be children who grow up that never really give a thought to it being otherwise? 

It’s likely, and even the most prominent generation, the Millennials, have starkly different perspectives than their generational counterparts. Surprisingly (or not), the Millennials and their cultural beliefs have changed significantly just for their generation alone.

“The rise in support for same-sex marriage over the past decade is among the largest changes in opinion on any policy issue over this time period,” reports one article. “A new national survey finds that much of the shift is attributable to the arrival of a large cohort of young adults—the Millennial generation—who are far more open to gay rights than previous generations.” 

Why Are Millennials More Open to the LGBT Community?

This has largely to do with the openness that so many of the LGBT community display as many public figures have announced and freely lived as lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender. In addition, there is far more awareness in schools for the challenges of teens who are LGBT, and this has generated more compassion and understanding for the Millennials as they have grown older.

Each new group of people challenges the views and practices of the ones before them. It’s the natural way of things. Even so many of those born in the early 80s and brought up to oppose the LGBT culture of our nation have found themselves changing their minds and embracing the ideals of equal rights.

Some say that the Millennials are the “gayest generation;” are they? What does that even mean?