The Dangers of E-Cigs and Hookah: Why Are So Many Teens Using Them?

The Dangers of E-Cigs and Hookah: Why Are So Many Teens Using Them?
The Dangers of E-Cigs and Hookah: Why Are So Many Teens Using Them?


Are E-Cigarettes really any healthier than regular cigarettes?

There has always been a small percentage of teenagers who smoke. However, as the latest trend in teenage smoking moves toward e-cigs (“vaping”) and hookah use, there’s still cause for concern. E-cigs are being marketed as a safer alternative to traditional cigarettes, and hookah is not far behind . . . but, are e-cigarettes safe? Although the troubled teens who are picking up the habit view it as harmless, it’s far from it. There’s a proven connection between tobacco use and substance abuse in teens. So, regardless of whether or not vaping and hookah sessions “safe,” there are some underlying dangers that go with them. 

Why Teens Find E-Cigs and Hookah So Appealing 

One of the greatest appeals of e-cigs and hookah use (aside from the actual nicotine buzz) are the number of flavors. Since these devices use water vapor nicotine delivery, it allows the infusion of just about any flavor. E-cigarettes feature the most abundant number of flavors, including vanilla, mango, mojito, cola, cherry dream, chocolate, coconut and more. Hookah tobacco flavors are just as tempting, with flavor options including watermelon, white gummi bear, mint chocolate chill, blueberry muffin, and well… the list goes on. The way the flavors are marketed, these water-vapor based nicotine delivery systems are like choosing candy from your local convenience store. 

Although e-cigarettes are a popular and portable way to experience nicotine, a large reason smoking a hookah has gained so much popularity among teenagers is because it is more of a social event. Hookah sessions are usually with groups of people sharing the same pipe, feeding their natural tendency to socialize and bond with their peers. 

What are the Dangers of E-Cigs and Hookah?

Could your teen be causing themselves irrevocable damage?