Teen Addiction Isn't a New Problem, So Why is Finding the Right Treatment So Hard?

Teen Addiction Isn't a New Problem, So Why is Finding the Right Treatment So Hard?
Teen Addiction Isn't a New Problem, So Why is Finding the Right Treatment So Hard?


No one wants their children to become addicts.

But when they do, the greatest challenge for parents is no longer getting treatment for teens, it’s finding the right treatment – and actually having it work. Due in part to the growing need for rehabilitation centers, the additional challenge presented in treating teen addiction lies in an unexpected place: the rehab centers themselves. As finding quality treatment programs for teens continues to get harder, parents are not only posing the question, “How can I help my addicted teen?” but, they are also questioning why there are so many types of treatments in the first place. As a parent, how can you really know if you are getting the ideal treatment for your child? 

Some of the Lifeboats Have Holes… 

As we watch our teens drown in destruction, finding treatment for them is much like putting them on a lifeboat and trusting that it will bring them closer to solid ground. Unfortunately, many of these lifeboats have holes in them. How can this happen? 

Elevations RTC – a leading treatment center for struggling teens – recently published an article that describes exactly what’s going on (and going wrong) with the teen addiction industry. Noting that “some drug treatment programs offer no evidence or research as to their effectiveness,” they also point out that not only are safety precautions missing, but that there are no real federal regulations to check on behavioral treatments. What this means for struggling teens is that if they have co-occurring disorders that need to be treated along with the substance abuse problem, the treatment they are receiving may be doing more harm than good. Plus, an ineffective treatment plan could easily create more problems, rather than solve the existing ones. 

With all the problems surrounding treatment for teens, it’s important that parents educate themselves about treatment plans for drug and alcohol addiction. There is no one-size-fits-all template for healing teens, and individualized care is the most successful when it comes to recovery. 

What Individualized Care Really Means:

Drug and alcohol problems are not usually an exclusive issue and often come with co-occurring disorders. For this reason, a plan of action customized for the individual will always have the greatest odds of success – and that’s what individualized care really means. In this process, a professional evaluation by trained medical staff is always the first step, and a legitimate rehabilitation facility will include this in the recovery process. Recovery from addiction means treating the whole person, and addressing any additional problems or disorders to that teens don’t return to substance abuse as a coping mechanism. 

If you are looking for a residential care center devoted to the holistic and individualized care of struggling teens, you really don’t have to look further than Elevations RTC. As a facility with a long-standing, nationally recognized reputation for academic excellence and healing, they can help you find the ideal treatment to help your child.


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