Sedona Sky Academy is An Ideal Place for Troubled Girls

Sedona Sky Academy is An Ideal Place for Troubled Girls

Sedona Sky Academy is an all-girls residential treatment center nestled in the beautiful red hills of central Arizona. When Tammy Behrmann, executive director of Sedona, took charge of the school, she wanted it to be a place where troubled young women and their families could turn to. A place where the girls could receive treatment, learn to love themselves again, and benefit from an exceptional education. For parents, Sedona Sky is a place that they know their daughter will be safe—where the family will also learn how to communicate with the child, and to resist falling into previous familial behaviors that can contribute to a troubled teen’s issues.

Sedona Sky works hard—and together—to make their residential treatment center the best that it can be. The program encompasses many different aspects of treatment and care, including equine therapy, group therapy, and individual therapy. They also have some of the best teachers available to help the girls truly reach their academic potential—most of the students (90% of them) go on to well-known and long-established colleges and universities. The “Presidential Classroom” is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for girls who scholastically qualify to travel to our nation’s capitol. They learn from senators, lawyers, and former presidents about the past—and future—of our country.

At Sedona Sky Academy, they put their students first—always. The staff is highly trained, and thoroughly qualified; Sedona is constantly updating their techniques and practices to make certain they are doing the very best that they can with the students. The therapists come with much experience and diversity, enabling them to help even the most complicated issues. The teachers are licensed and eager to do what they love best—open young minds to the possibilities of their future. The staff is trained in several different safety measures, and are always looking out for the well-being of the students. Parents won’t find a better team than that of Sedona Sky’s. 

Sedona Sky believes in what they do. They believe in the abilities of these teenage girls who come to them, uncertain of how they can best live their life. Sedona also believes in the parents and the complete love they have for their daughter—which is why they brought her to the program.

Sedona Sky is looking forward to talking to you if you have a teen girl who is need of help. Call us at 1 (855) 290-9680 to see how we can help you.