Sedona Sky Academy: Top Therapeutic Boarding School For Girls

Sedona Sky Academy: Top Therapeutic Boarding School For Girls
Sedona Sky Academy: Top Therapeutic Boarding School For Girls

Sedona Sky Academy, located in beautiful central Arizona, is a premier boarding school for troubled teen girls. The picturesque landscape, the fresh desert air, and a chance at new and improved life are just a few of the things that attract families to Sedona Sky's facility.

Sedona Sky Academy's program treats girls from the ages of 12-17. There, at-risk girls are given the opportunity to change their poor habits, receive group and individual therapy, and learn in one of the best academic programs in the country.

Sedona Sky has many unique aspects to its program of which all parents who are searching for a treatment program, should be aware. First, their therapy standards are of the highest quality. Students will receive group and individual therapy that include art, writing, and equine experiences. Girls will learn to care for a horse with the hope that in doing so, they will learn more about themselves.

At risk teen girl learning trust through horsemanship therapyEducation For Troubled Adolescent Girls

In the student's academic life, the girls are getting the best education available in a therapeutic boarding school setting. Sedona Sky Academy participates in the Presidential Classroom, which is a unique program where the advanced students in the Sedona program travel to Washington, DC. There they learn about the history of our country, the present dealings and policies, and how they can contribute to our great country. While there, they receive lessons from current congressmen and other lawmakers. At the appropriate time, they are prepared for  college by training in college prep tests, which has generated some of the nation’s highest scores. Sedona Sky has a 90% college placement rate with their students upon departure.

Each student will learn self-care and life skills in order to prepare them for a successful future. They will learn how to live with others, care for their own space, and how to prepare for job interviews. Sedona Sky desires for each one of their girls to leave the program confident and willing to push forward for fantastic success. Sedona Sky Academy LogoSedona Sky Academy welcomes all inquiries to determine whether or not it is an ideal fit for your family. Call out advocates at (855) 290-9680.

Sedona Sky Academy, on the previous site of Copper Canyon Academy, challenges the parent to do proper due diligence with our leading treatment program for at-risk girls.