Flakka: The New (And Highly Dangerous) Party Drug

Flakka: The New (And Highly Dangerous) Party Drug
Flakka: The New (And Highly Dangerous) Party Drug


Teens and drug abuse is nothing new, but the new generation of drugs coming from the streets are – and they’re more dangerous than ever. As the latest version of Bath Salts, and Flakka is one particular version of it that is putting teens at risk for not only devastating side effects, but serious addiction problems as well. 

What is Flakka and Why Is It So Dangerous? 

For those not familiar with Bath Salts, they are a form of crystal meth which are currently produced mostly in China, Pakistan, and India, and then obtained over the internet. Flakka is the “new and improved” version of bath salts which has the same chemical properties, but packs a more powerful punch. As an incredibly potent drug, you only need a small amount for it to have a significant effect on the body and it’s very easy to overdose. 

Teens are attracted to Flakka because it’s cheap and they are curious about its effects. When taken in low doses it has a mild hallucinogenic effect and is a stimulant similar to methamphetamines and cocaine, however the big appeal is that it is supposed to give teens and adrenaline rush that provides “superhuman strength.” This gives teens an immediate curiosity about the drug, but it hooks them with the additional effects, including getting the brain to release the feel-good chemicals it naturally produces, like norepinephrine and dopamine. Unfortunately, due to its effects and its potency, it also causes extreme aggressiveness and psychosis. 

Parents really need to educate their teens about just how dangerous Flakka can be. The small amount it takes to get a high is often misjudged, and may also lead to excited delirium syndrome (violent, delusional, unable to think, high fevers and psychosis), which can result in sudden death. 

How Are Teens Taking It? 

Teens involved in drug abuse don’t take it very seriously and look at it as an experimental and recreational drug. Since it is a white powder, teens can take it but putting it under their tongue (sublingually), snorting it, or by smoking it. They have even found ways to put it into e-cigarettes and attempt to get their euphoric high. 

Drugs like Flakka will only keep showing up, and these types of synthetic street drugs are highly addictive. If your teen is suffering from addiction, they need to get help right away from a professional treatment program. At Elevations RTC, your teen can get the help they need and heal the entire family in the process. With a full team of clinicians and health professionals, Elevations RTC’s holistic approach can turn your teen around. Flakka is just one of the drugs that can take the life of your troubled teen, and a good treatment program is their only way out.