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10 Lessons I Learned Parenting a Troubled Teen


1. Don’t become the enabler. Make your teen responsible for their actions.

2. Be a consultant and not a dictator.

3. Call the police or dial 911 if either you, your teen or anyone else may be in danger due to their behaviors.

4. Let go of your ego, parenting a troubled teen is not for the faint of heart. Many of us are not prepared for what it entails.

5. Believe your gut instinct about your teen. If someone gives you advice and you do not agree or think it is right question it.

6. Set reasonable consequences and stick to them.

7. Don’t set consequences or threaten consequences that you will not be able to uphold.

8. Don’t be amazed by what you see or hear it is usually true or real.

9. Believe the unbelievable.

10. Confront issues head on no matter how unbelievable or scary they may be for you.


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