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Boot Camps for Troubled Teens in Modesto, CA | Boys & Girls

Boot camps for troubled teens around Modesto, CA are desigend to be a wake up call.  Boot camps use "behavioral modification" as their main modality for behavioral change.  Behavioral modification in this case is "fear and intimidation".  Through a boot camp experience in Modesto, CA you will find a bunch of authority figures yelling and screaming at the campers.  This is very similar to what you would find in a US Military Boot Camp.  The good news is that troubled teens usually respond well while participating in the boot camp experience.  The bad news is that the behavioral changes (improvements) that come through a boot camp do not last very long.  For more information about boot camps for troubled teens call Call 866-471-8579.  We can help you find the perfect alternative to a boot camp.

It is our recommendation to parents of troubled boys and girls that they steer clear of boot camps for troubled teens in Modesto, CA.  In fact, many teenagers who expeience boot camps come out angry, turn away from their parents and drop into deeper rebellion.  Lets take a good look at this phenomena for a moment.  Why would teenagers come out of the boot camp and be worse?  When teenagers have emotional trauma at the core of their "acting out" issues, a boot camp is the last place they need to be.  These struggling kids don't need to be yelled and screamed at, they need therapy and emotional growth.  They need to take responsibility for their choices, and hold themselves accountable, but not because someone (staff) is intimidating them with fear.

Furthermore, when teenagers are suffering from depression, anxiety, mood swings, or learning disorders, a boot camp experience could cause more trauma and more emotional damage.  If a child is struggling with emotional immaturity that is tied to a horrible divorce, the last thing you need to do is to punish that child by sending them to a boot camp in Modesto, CA.  It is true that an emotionally immature child who is not dealing with a divorce well will act out and cause trouble, but the point is that a boot camp is not the way to improve his or her behavior. This "confused" child is not going to come home after the boot camp experience and all of a sudden behave properly.  In reality, nothing has changed, except that he or she is angrier than before. 

Troubled Youth Utilizing Boot Camps near Modesto, CA

Boot camps for troubled youth in Modesto, CA attempt to meet the individual youth needs, using one single "intervention" approach to all campers.  However, the truth is that every teen is different; each having different issues, different needs, and different ways of handling adversity. Therefore, the overall value of a boot camp of Modesto, CA is limited.

The main issue that a majority of troubled teens display are "defiance toward authority", "lack of motivation toward school", "anger management problems", and "minor criminal behavior". These issues can be dealt with in a "boot camp" setting. However, when troubled teens display drug abuse, addiction issues, eating disorders, psychological disorders, mood disorders, personality disorders, autism, and/or social disorders they need more than a boot camp of Modesto, CA.  These troubled youth need clinical support and therapeutic services.

If you, as a parent of a troubled youth near Modesto, CA, are experiencing major problems with your child, you have come to the right place. If you searching for a school or program (therapeutic structured facility) you probably do not want to look at boot camps of Modesto, CA. Perhaps you might want to consider a therapeutic boarding school, wilderness programs, or substance abuse program. Boot camps for troubled teens of Modesto, CA are normally reserved for youth caught up in the juvenile justice system. Boot camps for troubled teens normally do not offer education or family therapy.

When searching the Internet for schools and programs from Modesto, CA designed to help a troubled teens you'll come across the term teen boot camp or boot camps for teens. This controversial option is an appropriate choice for some teens but can potentially worsen problems for others.  You need to know the difference between the options. As an organization serving parents we do not recommend boot camps as a therapeutic option.

Anger is a very common emotion among troubled teens. The genesis of anger often starts because of a situation at home, but there are mood disorders that can lead to unprovoked anger as well. Additionally, it is possible for many factors outside of the home, such as at school or among peers elsewhere to generate feelings of anger in troubled teens. Regardless, anger sometimes leads to violent behavior, self-destructive behavior and may have social or legal consequences that can most easily be avoided by finding treatment to address the issues which are leading to the expression of anger. Channeling feelings of anger through more productive emotions though improved communication is the best outcome for teens experiencing anger issues.

Anxiety can come in many forms and can emerge at any time in life. Many troubled teens experience anxiety issues as a result of underlying problems that deserve serious examination in a professional therapeutic treatment setting. Anxiety can cause problems of all kinds for teens due to the unpredictable nature of things like panic attacks. Anxiety can have a paralyzing effect and can sometimes function as a sort of panic feedback loop. Sometimes the fear of a panic attack is enough to bring on a panic attack. Many teens know that panic attacks can sometimes make you feel as if you are going to die. Overcoming this issue will help teens to find the best of all possible outcomes: relief, relaxation and peace.

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