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Boot Camps for Troubled Teens in Minnesota

Parents of Minnesota search the term "boot camps for troubled teens" in Google hoping to find a therapeutic option for their struggling boy or girl.  The term "boot camps in Minnesota" is one of the most searched terms related to behavioral health issues for troubled teenagers. Unfortunately, there are very few, if any, privately owned therapeutic-based boot camps near Minnesota.  

Most parents search for boot camps near Minnesota only to find that the selection is nill.  The good news is that there are plenty of other "private pay" therapeutic options (private pay includes "insurance pay"). For immediate help finding an alternative to boot camps in Minnesota call 866-471-8579. We can help you find the perfect therapeutic solution near Minnesota.

Most boot camps are owned and operated by local government entities, such as county sheriff's departments, or the State Department of Health Services.  In order to be placed into a boot camp for troubled teens the troubled child must first be "placed into the system".  This system is the juvenile court system or foster care.  Trust us when we say "the last place you want your child is in the 'system' ".  If you want to avoid the process where your child "gets worse" when placed into the juvenile justice system, then look to any other option other than a boot camp.

Troubled Teens and Boot Camps near Minnesota

The top boot camps for troubled teens of Minnesota are not designed to deliver therapeutic intervention. Meaning, boot camps do not offer clinical services, therapy, or addictions treatment. If your child is dealing with anxiety, social withdrawl, grief and loss, or a divorce you don't want to consider a boot camp near Minnesota as a means of a "wake up call".  In these cases boot camps tend to drive the troubled youth further into isolation, depression, anger, and he/she begins to act out in horrific ways.  Don't make this mistake.. Those parents who do use boot camps for these types of "emotional" issues regret their decision later.

Boot camps around Minnesota can be good alternatives for youth with anger management and straight up defiance problems. Boot camps are designed for criminal "street thugs".  Many county and city law enforcement programs are developed to help wayward thugs away from the gang lifestyle through the use of boot camps.  Courts use boot camps as early criminal intervention options.  In many cases the street thug (gangster wannabee) responds well to the extreme discipline found in the boot camp approach.

However, if your child is behind in his or her school work and is struggling with emotional disprders or dysfunctions, a boot camp is not the right choice.  Boot camps of Minnesota are run by drill sergeants, and not counselors or therapists.  Boot camps require total and complete "buy-in" by the camper (either comply or pay the cost).  Boot camps tear down the camper and build them up.  Boot camps are designed for the defiant child who is heading down the wrong path.  In these cases the boot camp is one of the first interventions that the juvenile justice system can use.  But do you want to wait until your child is tied up in the courts, facing criminal charges?

If you were searching for boot camps but now you are interested in alternative options near Minnesota, please call and speak with our Family Advocates.  We can help assess and evaluate your situation and guide you to your best option in Minnesota.

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